Beer Museum


Zhujiang -InBev International Beer Museum was jointly established by Zhujiang Brewery and AB InBev, Belgium, with its total investment up to 68 million yuan. Prince Philip, Present King of Belgium attended the groundbreaking ceremony in 2004. The museum was open to the public in 2009 whose annual capacity of tourists over 40,000. Located inside Zhujiang Brewery, the Museum focuses on beer breweing and beer culture through comprehensively exhibition of the world’s beer culture, the development history of China’s brewing industry, the pioneering cultural spirit of Lingnan people and the development history of Zhujiang Brewery during the past 35 years. Thus, it has become such an international beer museum that well integrates beer brewing and cultural exhibition with tourism, recreation, leisure and popular science education.

Highlight Both Sides of the Pearl River

Viewed from aross the Pearl River, the major architecture of the Museum is a unique huge transparent beer cask modeling which seems as if we could really see the clear surging liquid and smell the fragrance of Zhujiang Beer. The colorful glass of the Museum make it look like a fantastic magic beer cube that sets off the exceptionally beautiful charms of the Pearl River, making it one of the most meaningful scenic spots for Guangzhou One-day Tour and Pearl River Cruise.

Enter the World of Beer and Enjoy the Beer Cultures

Scrolling inside the Museum, you can appreciate the majestic fresco named as the Ocean of Beer, the picturesque old style beer carriage, ancient beer brewing techniques and the progress of industrialization and modernization by means of vivid historic documents, old tools, vessels and brewing scenes,etc. You will astonish the extensive, profound and infinite charms pf the world’s beer culture, the fortitude of Chinese brewing industry towards internationalization, the pioneering innovative spirit of Lingnan People, the open inclusive broadminded spirits of Zhujiang Brewery which well combines Chinese cultures with the western ones. Here, you can also taste the Zhujiang Draft Beer and personally experience the true feelings our beer shall bring to you . That is so expressed in a created poem “Drink the Eight Thousand Year Beers Within One Day and Intoxicate in the Romantic Charms of the Pearl River”.

Edutainment by Cultivating Patriotic Sentiment and Promoting Scientific Literacy

Giving the full play to its role as Guangzhou Popular Science Education & Patriotism Education Base, the Museum focuses on such thematic educations as research, study and travel and carefully designs series of activities for the International Museum Day, the National Technology Week, the National Technology Open Day, well organizes series of popular science lectures, professional interpretations, popular science quiz games, DIY beer brewing, raw materials identification, beer tasting,etc. In addition, the Museum integrates the fruitful results of Zhujiang Brewery's reforms, innovation and development into career development planning so as to forge career studies courses with unique Zhujiang Brewery's characteristics and enrich the extracurricular practices of primary and middle school students.