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Born in 1997, it is a mid-to-high-end draft beer brand under Zhujiang Beer. It is China's first real pure draft beer and one of the leaders and setters of pure draft beer standards in China.
For a long time, Zhujiang Chunsheng has built its brand with an unreconciled brand attitude, fully implemented the brand concept of "Sheng·Extraordinary", and created draft beer products suitable for young consumers in order to bring consumers a better product experience. This is the original intention of Zhujiang Pure Life. Zhujiang Chunsheng adopts industry-leading low-temperature membrane filtration and sealed aseptic filling technology to preserve the freshness and nutrition of Zhujiang Chunsheng, bringing a smooth taste; and bringing young people’s unique taste buds experience and current trend aesthetics Combine, advocate breaking the convention, not reconciling to mediocrity, not sticking to the present.

Pearl River Draft Beer

Adopting high technology of low-temperature membrane filtration and sterile packaging, succeeding to the process and product characteristics of Pearl River Beer, Pearl River Group Company has developed Pearl River Draft Beer as the latest beer in 1990s'brewing with high quality brewing water, rice and imported malt. Pearl River Draft Beer is filled into new bottles or cans in specially built clean room without pasteurization for the sake of mellowness and fresh flavor after the advanced membrane filtration system imported from Germany. It can maintain the greatest extent of nutrition and flavors in beer.
Name of commodity Pearl River Draft Beer
AIc./Vol. Size ≥3.6% 4.8% 330ml/btl
AIc./Vol. Size ≥3.6% 4.8% 600ml/btl
AIc./Vol. Size ≥3.6% 330ml/can
AIc./Vol. Size ≥3.6% 500ml/can
Size Package Quantity per 20 ‘FCL
600ml/btl 12bottles/CTN 1550/CTNS
330ml/btl 24bottles/CTN 1330/CTNS
500ml/can 24cans/CTN 1600/CTNS
330ml/can 24cans/CTN 2250/CTNS
500ml/can 12cans/CTN 3050/CTNS