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Supra Beer, a high-end brand under the Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd., inheriting the European "Castle Brewed" craft beer technology in the 16-17 century, and combining the ingenuity and innovative spirit of the brewer, then appraised by the sensitive taste buds of the taster, brings the classic taste of European aristocrats' home-brewed beer to the tongue of all beer lovers, to meet the premium quality pursuit of high-end consumers.
Supra Beer uses high quality imported malt and hops, and is fermented at low temperature for a long time; the body is clear gold, and the long-lasting foam is delicate and rich; the unique floral fragrance can be smelled lightly, and it tastes smooth with a sweet aftertaste.

Supra Craft White Beer

Supra White belongs to a kind of Belgium wheat beer which is brewed with imported barley malt, wheat malt, natural fragrance, and hops in a top fermentation way. It has distinctive aroma of flower, fruit, and malt. It tastes smooth with rich structure and slightly sweet aftertaste.
Name of commodity Supra White
Variety Belgium Wheat Beer
Original Gravity 11.0°P
ABV 4.0% vol

Supra Craft Red Lager

Supra Red belongs to amber lager which is brewed with imported barley malt, burnt malt and red malt in a bottom fermentation way. It has distinctive aroma of hop, malt, caramel, bread and rose. It tastes smooth with rich structure. The beer body found a balance due to slightly sweet brought by burnt malt.
Name of commodity Supra Red
Variety Amber Lager
Colour 48EBC
Original Gravity 11.0°P
ABV 4.0% vol

Supra Craft Dark Lager

Supra Dark is a whole malt beer brewed with special malt from Germany and New Zealand and American hop in a bottom fermentation way. The special malt brings a strong aroma of coffee and caramel. As a typical dark lager, the mellow Supra Dark is rich with flavor of bread and honey and unique astringent taste.
Name of commodity Supra Dark
Variety Dark Lager
ABV 4.0% vol
Original Gravity 11.0°P
Bittemess value 15 BU


SUPRA BEER: Supra Yellow Beer is slowly brewed with 100% imported malt and imported flavored hops; the beer has a transparent body, golden color, distinctive hop aroma, refreshing taste, and obvious sweetness aftertaste.


SUPRA CRANBERRY BEER: A fermented, fruity beer with a unique flavor. Pure cranberry juice, scented hops and honey achieve a sweet encounter. The first sip is sour, but the rich honey immediately brings a soft sweetness, making the taste reach to a delicate balance.


SUPRA AMERICAN IPA: An IPA with classic American West Coast style: strong tropical fruit aroma (someone would say that it is pineapple, dried lychee, or citrus, which is different from person to person), its bitterness is clean and has perfect fusion with a strong body. The bitterness is obvious but easy to dissipate, allowing consumers to enjoy the wonderful and charming combination of IPA's fragrance and bitterness.


SUPRA LIGHT BEER: A light and refreshing free-flow beer, uses low-temperature membrane filtration technology to maximize the freshness of the beer. This product highlights the fashion vitality with stylish and slender bottle shape and blue and white color matching.
Size Package Quantity per 20 ‘FCL
330ml/btl 24bottles/CTN 1330/CTNS
500ml/can 24cans/CTN 1600/CTNS
330ml/can 24cans/CTN 2250/CTNS
500ml/can 12cans/CTN 3050/CTNS