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Twenty years of beer brewing experience and unique brewing technology, absorbing international advanced beer brewing technology, created the Pearl River classic beer. It is carefully brewed with high-quality imported malt, hops and pearl beer yeast, which is a classic of Pearl River Beer. It has a full-bodied taste, rich aroma, moderate bitterness and endless aftertaste.

12°Lao Zhujiang inherits the brewing skills of Zhujiang Beer for many years. The rich malt aroma and long and full taste have become a classic product in the streets of Laoguang. To pay tribute to the classics, the 12°Lao Zhujiang condenses the fond memories of Lao Guang.

Pearl River Beer

With European rich style and its own unique flavor, Pearl River Beer is the traditional product of Pearl River Beer Group Company. Pearl River Traditional Beer is characterized by rich aroma,mellow taste, moderate bitterness and strong bite.
Name of commodity Pearl River Beer
AIc./Vol 5.3% ≥7%
OSize 330ml/btl 600ml/btl 500ml/can 330ml/can

Pearl River Pineapple Flavor Beer

Brewing elaborately with high quality brewing water,malt, rice,purified hop oil and extract imported from overseas, Pearl River Pineapple Flavor Beer is a new kind of excellent beer nationwide initiated by Pearl River Group Company with such characteristics of mellowness, tender refreshment, abundant from and cool aftertaste.
Name of commodity Pearl River Pineapple Flavor Beer
AIc./Vol 0.6~1.0%
Size 330ml/can

Pearl River Traditional Beer

Pearl River Traditional Beer series has two kinds of strong beer products, one is Alc. 7%vol. which the original extract content is up to 16 P, the other is Alc. 12.8%vol. which the original extract content is up to 28 P. Their unique style and special flavor perfectly match the international high alcoholic beer market. Characterized by their rich aroma, mellow taste and the wonderful long-lasting stamina foam, these products are very popular and chased by the high alcoholic beer lovers.
Name of commodity Pearl River Traditional Beer
AIc./Vol ≥7% 12.8%
Size 500ml/can
Size Package Quantity per 20 ‘FCL
600ml/btl 12bottles/CTN 1550/CTNS
330ml/btl 24bottles/CTN 1330/CTNS
500ml/can 24cans/CTN 1600/CTNS
330ml/can 24cans/CTN 2250/CTNS
500ml/can 12cans/CTN 3050/CTNS